Getting Through the Day

  I’m really struggling this school year. I want to be with my baby and I miss him so much during the day. When this school year started he was 7 months old and I already knew that I wanted to be with him but couldn’t afford to quit my job. Recently my husband got... Continue Reading →

To Maternity Leave and Back Again

  My husband and I made plans to have a baby January 2018. We made these plans two years in advance and amazingly everything went exactly according to plan. I got pregnant within three weeks of starting to try and Ezra Storm Gaw was born January 12. He’s as punctual as I am, I went... Continue Reading →

TASK Party

As an artist I keep coming across the advice to find a mentor. Someone whose career I can look to in order to see which path they took to get where they are. I’ve been looking for someone who has ideas and an art style similar enough to mine so that how they create and... Continue Reading →

Skill Builder Friday

Friday Confusion My classes are on a four-day rotation. Monday-Red, Tuesday- green, Wednesday- yellow, and Thursday-blue. This means that the class who comes in Friday is getting extra time in art that all the other groups don’t get during that week since the schedule starts over on Monday. I generally don’t like having them work... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on My First Year

I've been reflecting on my first year as an art teacher in a public school. While I have already taught art for a few years there was nothing that could have prepared me for public school teaching. I'm going to skip talking about the obvious adjustments that needed to be made such as getting used... Continue Reading →

Roachy Disaster

I created a disaster in my art room today with my 3rd graders. I had them working on cutting and collaging recycled paper. I have a giant box full of old paper. Some of it is pieces of colorful construction paper that was barely used, some of it is old paintings that were going to... Continue Reading →

King of the Clowns

What 3rd grade said about this giant balloon dog by Jeff Koons: Jeff Koons rhymes with Balloons so that's why he made it. The king of the clowns made this. No, its the horse of the king of the clowns. (after talking about the concept of nostalgia) He wanted to make something that could reflect things... Continue Reading →

In 1968, Sol LeWitt began to create guidelines of simple diagrams for two-dimensional works drawn directly on the wall by someone other than himself. Even after his death, people are still making these drawings. Though the drawings are made from precise instructions written by Lewitt, he observed that "each person draws a line differently and each person... Continue Reading →

Art is, Art is not

  I've had these "art is" and "art is not" pages up for a while and didn't quite know how to approach getting students to thoughtfully answer these questions for themselves. 5th grade has been doing a unit on conceptual art and they're learning about Sol Lewitt's wall drawings right now and I felt like this... Continue Reading →

Mr. Poppins

I'm teaching surrealism to my 3rd graders right now. This is one of my very favorite things to teach! I showed them Golconda (1953) by Rene Magritte and asked them to tell me what they saw and why they thought this was happening. I want to share some of their ideas: It's raining men! Well,... Continue Reading →

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