Method of Making

As of today, I’ve been making art every day for 24 days. This is something I’ve wanted to do for more than a decade but haven’t known where to start.
I learned how to draw when I was a senior in high school. My art teacher had a unit on drawing and taught from the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. From the moment she taught us contour drawing, it felt as if a light had been turned on in my world; suddenly I began to notice the details of nearly everything I saw. I started using every spare minute I could find to draw and needed constant reminding by my parents to do my homework before starting to draw in the evenings. I was amazed by the realistic finished products I was effortlessly creating, which came so naturally to me it felt like I was cheating. Hours would fly by that felt like minutes.
The ambition to create stayed with me until I went to Sam Houston State University as a freshman in studio art. In school, art became something I was still proud to know how to do but more of an obligation than an active passion. I changed my major to art history and for the next decade only made art intermittently.
In addition to being an artist, I am a dancer. When I practice dance, one of my practice methods is repetition. I repeat a movement until it becomes familiar and I can better understand how to implement it into my normal movement and maybe it will become easier and more authentic to me. This is how I’m approaching art right now. I’m becoming more practiced at creating. I want to see where it can grow.
I put nearly all of my energy toward socially-conscious, community-oriented works of art. I like art that has an emphasis on content over form. I want art to mean something that demands interpretation and causes discussion—especially controversial discussion. This is a heavy burden on me as an artist. A lot of times I end up not making any art at all because it doesn’t mean anything, prove a point, or state an opinion. So I end up not creating anything at all. Then when I do have something to say I don’t know how to say it because I am just not in the practice of creating. I don’t even know where to begin.
My endeavor to make art every day started out with work that was quick and dirty. I’d sketch something and color it in and be done in about 30 minutes. Really the difficult part was just making sure I set aside time to actually do it—usually first thing after I woke up.
Gradually, I began to take longer and longer to produce a finished piece and at this point in the process I’ve begun carrying a sketch book with me because it’s taking a few hours to complete a piece and I have to make my art while I’m out doing other things. Over the past decade and a half I’ve often carried a sketch book with me in the hopes that I’d feel inspired to create something but have used it less than a handful of times. I’m finally using it and I feel awfully legit.

Here’s a sample of some of my favorite pieces from this art spree:
2013-10-15 14.53.58
2013-10-16 00.05.312013-10-15 12.32.142013-10-15 12.32.032013-10-10 15.03.012013-10-10 15.01.39

2013-10-10 15.01.112013-10-10 15.00.40

2013-10-10 15.00.162013-10-10 14.59.54

2013-10-10 14.59.17-22013-10-10 14.58.57

2013-10-06 18.27.252013-10-06 17.32.59

2013-10-06 17.31.242013-10-06 17.30.02

2013-10-02 21.44.35

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