In 1968, Sol LeWitt began to create guidelines of simple diagrams for two-dimensional works drawn directly on the wall by someone other than himself. Even after his death, people are still making these drawings. Though the drawings are made from precise instructions written by Lewitt, he observed that "each person draws a line differently and each person... Continue Reading →

Art is, Art is not

  I've had these "art is" and "art is not" pages up for a while and didn't quite know how to approach getting students to thoughtfully answer these questions for themselves. 5th grade has been doing a unit on conceptual art and they're learning about Sol Lewitt's wall drawings right now and I felt like this... Continue Reading →

Mr. Poppins

I'm teaching surrealism to my 3rd graders right now. This is one of my very favorite things to teach! I showed them Golconda (1953) by Rene Magritte and asked them to tell me what they saw and why they thought this was happening. I want to share some of their ideas: It's raining men! Well,... Continue Reading →

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