Mr. Poppins


I’m teaching surrealism to my 3rd graders right now. This is one of my very favorite things to teach! I showed them Golconda (1953) by Rene Magritte and asked them to tell me what they saw and why they thought this was happening. I want to share some of their ideas:

It’s raining men!

Well, this artist probably thinks that God is a man.

This is how people go to work in the future.


Gravity stopped working

Its the rapture and they’re all going to heaven.

I think the artist was angry at this person and wanted to show him falling from the sky to his death.

He’s showing rich people falling from the sky and their money is going to fall out of their pockets so the poor people can get some of it.

(And my personal favorite) He’s married to Mary Poppins.

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