Art is, Art is not


IMG_1023I’ve had these “art is” and “art is not” pages up for a while and didn’t quite know how to approach getting students to thoughtfully answer these questions for themselves. 5th grade has been doing a unit on conceptual art and they’re learning about Sol Lewitt’s wall drawings right now and I felt like this was the opportunity to be able to start to approach this line of thought. I’ll definitely write more about this lesson but for now here are a few of their answers. 

They said they had a lot of trouble with “art is not” which is great! A handful of them said they did not like Sol Lewitt’s art but that it was still art. To me, that is an extremely important realization, maybe the most important.

According to 5th graders:

Art is

art is a creative way of exploring how you feel

art is not disgusting and ugly

art is everything

I think art is where you can see pictures in your mind and bring them into the world

art is anything  you want it to be

art is everything

art is art

art is the creative actions of a person. art is also what you call something amazing. “this game is a piece of art.”

Art is not

art is not for little kids

art is not…

art is not throwing stuff away

art is not as fun as PE


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