My name is Samantha Gaw, I grew up with an enthusiastic artist as a father, but it surprisingly wasn’t until high school that I officially fell in love with making art. My art teacher was able to open my eyes to the endless possibilities of personal expression by teaching me to draw and it was like someone had turned on a light switch and I was able to see all the shapes and colors that made up the world around me.
I began my undergraduate degree in studio art at Sam Houston State University but soon switched to University of Houston and completed a degree in Art History instead. After graduating, I worked for a few years in arts administration at the Glassell Jr. School of art in Houston before moving to Austin to get my masters in Art Education. While there I wrote my thesis on how to use art criticism techniques to teach school aged children how to discuss contemporary art.
I worked as a contract art teacher for two companies between 2012 and 2015 so I’ve taught art at many different locations all over Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, and Cedar Park. At one time I was teaching at 14 different campuses! I am now the art teacher at a public elementary school just north of Austin and have never felt more at home.

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