Collaborative Games-Musical Chairs Art

I teach 5 year olds right now and they have trouble collaborating and sharing. They understand that it can be a good thing to do but most of them aren't yet at the point where they are open to it. I have tried many things to figure out how to get around this. I’ve tried... Continue Reading →

A Semester in Chalk – The Side Projects

During the Spring 2015 semester I taught a class called Being Da Vinci. The movement that I was assigned to teach my students about was the Madonnari. These were street artists who used chalk to create temporary images of the Madonna around cathedrals. This tradition is still continued today and has been evolving. The idea of... Continue Reading →

Revision Lesson from NAEA In March of 2014 I was in San Diego for the National Art Education Association (NAEA) convention. At the time, I had been working in early childhood art education for about a year so I was trying to attend lectures with this focus. One of the most inspirational lectures that I... Continue Reading →

Bad Behavior

  We all know someone that we don’t like to deal with because they have learned that it’s OK to take their bad days/moods/experiences out on other people. A lot of times we feel that it’s easier to tolerate and coddle the overly sensitive because it seems easier than going through the growing pains of... Continue Reading →

On Purpose and Mixed Messages

        A few weeks ago I taught a lesson on Kandinsky. The lesson focused on stuff like line and primary colors. We made black lines of various sorts like wavy, straight, zig-zag, and swirly and then painted red, yellow, and blue in the empty space around the black lines trying not to... Continue Reading →

Art Class Rules

Of course every classroom you walk into is going to have rules and procedures. Students need to know what to expect during transition times, how to use and not waste supplies, and what is generally expected of them. Rules and procedures not only maintain order in a classroom but can also create a culture in... Continue Reading →

Art criticism is a problematic term. In its most useful capacity, art criticism is not actually about criticizing but more about discussion, evaluation, and working towards having an understanding of works of art. But since the word “criticism” can be associated with judgment and lack of approval, art criticism has the reputation of being mostly... Continue Reading →

Method of Making

As of today, I’ve been making art every day for 24 days. This is something I’ve wanted to do for more than a decade but haven’t known where to start. I learned how to draw when I was a senior in high school. My art teacher had a unit on drawing and taught from the... Continue Reading →

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