Art criticism is a problematic term. In its most useful capacity, art criticism is not actually about criticizing but more about discussion, evaluation, and working towards having an understanding of works of art. But since the word “criticism” can be associated with judgment and lack of approval, art criticism has the reputation of being mostly... Continue Reading →

Method of Making

As of today, I’ve been making art every day for 24 days. This is something I’ve wanted to do for more than a decade but haven’t known where to start. I learned how to draw when I was a senior in high school. My art teacher had a unit on drawing and taught from the... Continue Reading →

Part 3: About Suite Venetienne

Suite Venetienne stemmed from a time when Calle had moved back to Paris after a decade of travelling. As a way to re-acquaint herself with her home she followed strangers on the streets taking photos of them. She discovered that observing the behavior and actions of these strangers provided information with which to make up... Continue Reading →

Part 1: What EXACTLY do you see?

This is the first entry in a series I plan to write about Suite Venetienne by Sophie Calle. Interpretation is a several step process and this entry is about listing what you see in an image as a way to collect visual data to later interpret. I used this image while experimenting with how to... Continue Reading →


I once had a blog in which I explored art objectively. I would present the data I had gathered in a brief, reporter-style format which informed the reader of what critics and the artist had said about the work. Much of my study of art has been from this objective and neutral standpoint; observing art... Continue Reading →

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